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    OPORA-CREDIT is a financial Internet-project of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises OPORA ROSSII / "BACKBONE OF RUSSIA". The project was launched to facilitate entrepreneurs’ access to bank credits, lease financing, investments, microfinance, state subsidies, guarantees and grants. The portal maintains the largest public base of the small and medium-sized enterprises support organizations - business incubators, industrial parks, guarantee funds, regional venture funds.

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  • Russian Microfinancing Center

    The Russian Microfinancing Center (RMC) was established in July, 2002 as a response to the sector’s need for an organization representing the interests of the whole microfinancing community.

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  • Association of Russian Banks (ARB)

    The Association of Russian Banks (ARB) is a non-state non-profitable organization uniting commercial banks and other credit organizations as well as organizations whose activity is connected to the functioning of the Russian Federation credit system. The Association of Russian Banks unite about 80% of Russian banking institutions who own more than 92% of the total assets of operating credit organizations and more than 93% of all assets of the Russian banking system.

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  • Association of Regional Banks of Russia (the Rossiya Association)

    On December 13, 1990 the managers of 37 commercial banks, formed from local branches of the USSR Promstroybank and its 13 regional administrative offices, signed an agreement establishing the Russian Association of Joint-Stock Commercial, Industrial and Construction Banks Rossiya. The concept of this union and geographic position of participating credit organizations secured the federal status of the Association. In fact it became the first significant All-Russian banking union.

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  • Delovaya Rossiya

    Delovaya Rossiya is a union of the new generation of Russian entrepreneurs working mostly in the manufacturing sector of the Russian economy, as opposed to raw materials: mechanical engineering, construction, consumer goods industry, agricultural sector, financial services, IT, etc.

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  • Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

    Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy is an independent non-profitable scientific research organization, established as a foundation, conducting theoretical and applied research in the area of economic policy. The Institute conducts research in the area of taxation policy, government spending management, public finances, monetary and exchange-rate policies, administration of property, corporate finances, institutional reforms, inter-budgetary relations and municipal finances, military economy, international trade.

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  • Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support

    It is one of the largest Russian consulting companies. The Agency has a wide international and inter-regional networks as well as good time-proved business reputation. Vast professional experience, high expert knowledge, keen perception of regional difficulties encountered by SMEs are the main hallmarks of the Russian Agency's experts.

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  • Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

    For more than 90 years the Financial University has been among leaders in the financial and banking higher education, successfully combining the best traditions of the Russian higher school with new global achievements and up-to-date educational technologies.

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  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

    It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization uniting its members for meeting the tasks and objectives set out in the Russian Federation Law On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation and the Chamber's own Charter. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation represents the interests of small, medium and big businesses and encompasses all business sectors - manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade, agriculture, the financial system and services.

    The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation promotes the development of the Russian economy and its integration into the world economic system and provides favorable conditions for the advancement of all business sectors.

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  • Center for Entrepreneurship U.S. Russia

    The Center for Entrepreneurship U.S. Russia is an organization facilitating entrepreneurship; it has representative offices in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. The Center has three main areas of activity. The first is training entrepreneurs and running events that create a forum for communication and experience sharing among promising entrepreneurs aspiring to develop their business. The second is enhancing entrepreneurship education in Russian universities. The Center has trained more than 130 professors, who now can efficiently teach and make up curricula in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as initiated and funded the Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education. The third is the Center’s function as a catalyst organization supporting other bodies in creating a favourable climate for the development of the entrepreneurship in Russia.

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01 December 2016
SME Bank and NBD-Bank to Resume Lending to Businesses under SME-Investments Credit Product
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30 November 2016
SME Bank Has Provided B&N Bank RUB 1 Billion for SME Support
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28 November 2016
SME Bank Has Provided RUB 500 mln to Bank Intesa for Financing Projects of Small and Medium Business
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