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SME Bank Increases the Credit Limit for SMEs up to RUB 500 Million

18 Ноября 2016
SME Bank increases the maximum amount of financial support for each SME from   150 to 500 million rubles.  
“This measure is aimed to increase the volumes of financing of SMEs implementing large investment projects in all regions of Russia and will enable the Bank to support more efficiently the programs of technological renovation and modernization of small and mainly medium-sized enterprises”, said Dmitry Golovanov, SME Bank CEO.
SME Bank has been implementing the SME Lending Support Program since 2004. As of November 1, 2016, the funds provided to entrepreneurs are RUB 103 billion, the credit support is available for 14.3 thousand SMEs. The weighted average interest rate is 13.34% p.a. 85% of resources have been allocated for long-term lending (more than 3 years).  

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