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Annual Report of SME Bank Took the Second Place in Nomination "Design and Printing" at the Annual Competition of Annual Reports Hold by RAEX (Expert RA)

17 Ноября 2016
Annual report of SME Bank Year 2015 took the second place in nomination "Design and printing" among the financial sector companies participating in the annual competition of annual reports.  The winner in this category was the annual report of the LLC "Expobank", the third place was shared between JSC "UniCredit Bank" and OJSC "Federal Center for Project Finance". The competition featured more than 150 annual reports of companies of financial and non-financial sector. 

The solemn ceremony of rewarding of the companies-winners was held on November 16 at the XIII Annual practical conference "Annual report: best practices of leaders and new standards" organized by RAEX (Expert RA).
The conference was attended by over 100 people. The event is an authoritative platform for discussing the main trends in the development of content and design of annual reports in Russian and abroad.

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