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SME Bank Has Provided Guarantees to One of the Largest Manufacturers of Industrial Packaging

07 Ноября 2016
SME Bank has provided two guarantees for a total amount of 44.9 million rubles to one of the largest manufacturers of industrial packaging – LLC "Kvadrokom" (Moscow).

The guarantee support is provided for up to 4 years. It will ease the debt burden of the enterprise, which has acquired a loan at Vozrozhdenie Bank for the purchase of real estate.  SME Bank guarantees secure 50% of the loans.
LLC "Kvadrokom" specialises on the production and sale of industrial packaging in Moscow: tape, stretch film, strapping-tape, shrink PVC films, LDPE and POF, corrugated cardboard, polyethylene foam and other products. The capacities of the enterprise enable to produce annually more than 12 thousand tons of finished products.

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