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SME Bank Has Issued a Guarantee to Stroytechnika of RUB 50 M

07 Сентября 2016
 SME Bank has issued a guarantee of RUB 50 mln to collaterize a loan granted to Stroytechnika by TransKapitalBank (TKB). 

Stroytechnika has more than 70 years of experience in the creation of lifting equipment. Today the plant produces a wide range of lifting equipment, develops and manufactures tower, console, bridge and gantry cranes of various modifications. In addition, the company specializes on the development of components and prefabricated units, as well as non-standard lifting equipment. 
For the entire period of implementation of the guarantee mechanism within the framework of the National guarantee system SME Bank has received 76 applications from TransKapitalBank totaling more than 1052 million rubles. Currently SME Bank has provided TKB 53 guarantees for a total amount of 6104.4 million rubles.
 Guarantee support was provided to enterprises engaged in production activities, agriculture and construction.

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