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SME Bank Improves the Financing Terms as Part of SME Lending and Guarantee Support

16 Августа 2016

SME Bank cuts interest rates for SMEs – recipients of lending and guarantee support within the NGS. The Bank has decided on extending loans to partner banks at a rate of 6.5% p. a., provided that each loan granted to SMEs, will be secured by a guarantee of SME Bank. This will reduce the interest rate for the end-borrower to 10.5-11.5% p. a.

One of the conditions of application of the system of concessional financing is the provision of a guarantee of not less than 45% of the SME loan. Lending support may be provided to the entrepreneurs for up to 7 years.

The priority is given to SMEs operating in agriculture, food production, production and distribution of energy, gas and water, involved in services, construction and logistics, as well as to SMEs implementing high-tech or social projects.

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