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SME Bank and EXIAR Have Signed a Cooperation Agreement

25 Декабря 2015

SME Bank and the Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance (EXIAR) have signed a cooperation agreement.

The strategic partnership between SME Bank and EXIAR is designed to implement joint projects and events aimed at developing Russian exports of high value added goods, works and services in the SME segment and creating new jobs in the Russian economy. As part of the direct support, SME Bank and its partners will finance SMEs - exporters of Russian goods and services. In addition, EXIAR will provide insurance against different risks to lenders and participants in export deals.

“This agreement will allow us to increase the resilience of SMEs in the face of export risks, strengthen the presence of domestic manufacturers in foreign markets, and maintain production capabilities and the potential for development in the current economic conditions,” said Maxim Skochko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of SME Bank.

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