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SME Bank Allocates RUB 200 Mln for SME Support in the Siberian Federal District

01 Февраля 2016

SME Bank allocates RUB 200 mln for SME support in SFD under 2 new agreements with Bank Levoberezhnyi: RUB 150 mln - under SME-Investments credit product and RUB 50 mln – under SME-Priority credit product.

The entrepreneurs will be able to get 7 years resources under SME-Investments credit product at an interest rate of below 15.25% p.a. for purchase and/or repair of fixed assets (machinery, equipment, software, etc.), purchase, reconstruction or construction of buildings and premises required for expansion of production. The financing can also be provided for day-to-day operations: purchase of raw materials, and for rental, salary and tax payments.

The resources under SME-Priority credit product are allocated for support of SMEs – residents of industrial parks, contractors of large enterprises and exporters. The financing under this product is provided for 5 years at an interest rate of below 15.5% p.a. for a wide range of purposes – both for the implementation of investment projects and for financing of current operations.

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