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«Standard & Poor’s» Has Placed the Rating of the Russian Bank for Development in the Credit Watch List with Outlook Positive

17 Ноября 2006

«Standard & Poor’s» has placed the rating of the Russian Bank for Development in the Credit Watch list («for upgrading») with outlook positive after reviewing the government influence on public companies in Russia. Simultaneously ratings of six other Russian public companies were placed in the list - OAO «Gazprom», AB «Gazprombank», OAO «NK Rosneft», OAO «Russian railways», OAO AK «Transneft», OAO «Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System».

According to S&P, the ratings will be removed from the Credit Watch list within a few weeks following the further review of risks and the government control benefits as well as other factors of creditworthiness. The Russian Government is actively strengthening positions of a number of public companies, which obtain potential advantages and privileges.

Removing from the Credit Watch list may lead to one-three notches upgrading in every particular case.

OAO «Russian Bank for Development» (RBD) was established in 1999 pursuant to Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 391-r dated March 10, 1999 and Federal Law "On the Federal Budget for 1999" as a national development bank. The Bank’s core business is to provide long-term loan based funding to projects in priority sectors of the national economy. It is 100% owned by the Government of the Russian Federation through the Russian Federal Property Fund. The Bank’s charter capital is RUR 4.66 billion. RBD was assigned the highest for the Russian banks international credit ratings - Standard & Poor's (BBB/Watch, outlook positive /A-3) and Moody's Investors Service (Baa2, outlook stable).

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