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RBD Is Intensifying SME Lending in Siberia and the Far East

30 Декабря 2009

The Russian Bank for Development implementing the SME Lending Support Program is intensifying SME financing in the Siberian and the Far East Federal Okrugs. Within the framework of this work RBD has extended a loan to OAO Dalkombank (Khabarovsk) in the amount of RUR 117 million.

Pursuant to the agreement the allocated resources are channeled to small business in the Amur (RUR 9 million) and Irkutsk (RUR 23 million) Oblasts, as well as in the Republic of Sakha (RUR 14 million) and the Khabarovsk Kray (RUR 71 million). Using the RBD’s resources the financing will be forwarded to small and medium enterprises involved in particular in industry, high technologies and services. The lending shall be accomplished through the subsidiaries of Dalkombank in the relative member entities of the Russian Federation.

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