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08 Сентября 2016

Representatives of SME Corporation and SME Bank Took Part in a Round Table at the Banking Forum in Sochi

 A round table “The system of state support of SME lending and interaction with different groups of commercial banks” was held on 8 September in Sochi within the framework of XIV Banking Forum. 

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07 Сентября 2016

SME Bank Has Issued a Guarantee to Stroytechnika of RUB 50 M

SME Bank has issued a guarantee of RUB 50 mln to collaterize a loan granted to Stroytechnika by TransKapitalBank (TKB). 

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02 Сентября 2016

SME Bank Has Issued a Guarantee to IT Synthesis, the Novosibirsk Manufacturer of Boiler Equipment

SME Bank has issued a guarantee to IT Synthesis, the Novosibirsk manufacturer of modular boilers and boiler equipment. 

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01 Сентября 2016

SME Bank and UniCredit Bank Have Signed a New SME Support Agreement

SME Bank and UniCredit Bank have signed a new SME support agreement for RUB 150 mln.

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30 Августа 2016

SME Bank Allocates RUB 100 for Investment Projects in Siberia

SME Bank provides RUB 100 million for SME projects in the Siberian Federal District under a new agreement with Bank Levoberezhny.

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24 Августа 2016

SME Bank Has Provided RUB 310 Million to B&N BANK for SME Support

SME Bank and B&N BANK are intensifying cooperation in the area of SME support. The partners have signed new loan agreements for RUB 310 million.

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19 Августа 2016

SME Bank and Primsocbank Allocate RUB 200 Mln for SME Support in the Far East

SME Bank and Primsocbank have concluded a new agreement for SME support in the Far East. As part of cooperation SME Bank has provided to the partner RUB 200 million under SME-Region credit product.

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16 Августа 2016

SME Bank Improves the Financing Terms as Part of SME Lending and Guarantee Support

SME Bank cuts interest rates for SMEs – recipients of lending and guarantee support within the NGS. The Bank has decided on extending loans to partner banks at a rate of 6.5% p. a., provided that each loan granted to SMEs, will be secured by a guarantee of SME Bank.

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11 Августа 2016

SME Bank Has Provided RUB 250 Mln for SME Leasing Support in Siberia

SME Bank and Delta Leasing Company have signed new SME support agreements for RUB 250 million.

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04 Августа 2016

SME Bank Has Provided RUB 60 Mln to Locko-Bank for SME Support

 SME Bank and Locko-Bank have signed a loan agreement for RUB 60 mln. Financial support will be provided for SMEs under SME-Investments credit product for up to 7 years.

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07 Ноября 2017
МСП Банк и Банк Оренбург подписали соглашение о сотрудничестве в сегменте кредитования субъектов МСП на форуме «Оренбуржье – сердце Евразии»
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02 Ноября 2017
Банк России утвердил единые стандарты кредитования МСП, разработанные МСП Банком
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31 Октября 2017
МСП Банк за 3 квартал более чем вдвое нарастил объем финансирования субъектов МСП
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