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01 Декабря 2016

SME Bank and NBD-Bank to Resume Lending to Businesses under SME-Investments Credit Product

SME Bank and NBD-Bank resume cooperation to support SME investment projects. The previous day the partners entered into a new loan agreement for RUB 200 million under SME-Investments credit product. 

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30 Ноября 2016

SME Bank Has Provided B&N Bank RUB 1 Billion for SME Support

SME Bank has provided B&N Bank RUB 1 billion for SME support. The relevant agreements were concluded recently under SME-Duet and SME-Investments credit products. 

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28 Ноября 2016

SME Bank Has Provided RUB 500 mln to Bank Intesa for Financing Projects of Small and Medium Business

SME Bank and Banca Intesa develop SME support cooperation - the partners have signed the first loan agreement under SME-Investments credit product according to which RUB 500 million will be allocated for financing of SME projects in priority sectors of the economy. 

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25 Ноября 2016

SME Bank and TF Prime Has Signed an Agreement to Support SME Using Factoring

SME Bank has provided RUB 100 million to TF Prime (Moscow) for financing factoring operations of small and medium business. The agreement is concluded under Development Factor – Company credit product. 

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24 Ноября 2016

SME Bank Starts Providing Direct Guarantees to SMEs Participating in Procurements of PJSC "Gazprom"

SME Bank starts providing guarantees to secure obligations of SMEs participating in procurements of PJSC "Gazprom" under Federal law No. 223-FZ. 

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23 Ноября 2016

SME Bank and Bank Otkritie will provide RUB 500 million to Entrepreneurs for Investment Purposes

SME Bank and Bank Otkritie are intensifying SME support - the partners have entered into an additional agreement for RUB 500 million under SME-Investments credit product.  

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18 Ноября 2016

SME Bank Increases the Credit Limit for SMEs up to RUB 500 Million

SME Bank increases the maximum amount of financial support for each SME from   150 to 500 million rubles.   

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17 Ноября 2016

Annual Report of SME Bank Took the Second Place in Nomination "Design and Printing" at the Annual Competition of Annual Reports Hold by RAEX (Expert RA)

Annual report of SME Bank Year 2015 took the second place in nomination "Design and printing" among the financial sector companies participating in the annual competition of annual reports. 

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09 Ноября 2016

SME Bank and Credit Bank of Moscow Allocate RUB 200 Mln for SME Factoring Operations

SME Bank and Credit Bank of Moscow intensify factoring-oriented cooperation. The partners have concluded a new loan agreement under Development Factor – Bank credit product for RUB 200 mln. 

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08 Ноября 2016

SME Bank and Tatfondbank Told about Prospects for Cooperation and SME Support

 November 7, 2016, in Kazan Tatfondbank and SME Bank hold a conference on cooperation in the area of SME support.

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20 Февраля 2018
Корпорация МСП, МСП Банк и Тульский государственный университет проведут конкурс бизнес-планов среди студентов вуза
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19 Февраля 2018
Корпорация МСП, МСП Банк и Фонд содействия инновациям подписали соглашение о сотрудничестве в рамках РИФ-2018
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19 Февраля 2018
МСП Банк впервые представил свой стенд на Российском инвестиционном форуме в Сочи
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