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24 Декабря 2012

SME Bank Has Provided RUB 600 Million to PERESVET Bank for Refinancing of the Manufacturing Sector

SME Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) continues to finance SMEs involved in manufacturing. A loan of RUB 600 million was provided to AKB PERESVET (Moscow) under Refinancing of the Non-trade Sector credit product. The interest rate for ultimate borrowers will not exceed 15,85% p.a.

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21 Декабря 2012

Meeting of the SME Bank’s Supervisory Board

The first meeting of the Supervisory Board of SME Bank took place on December 19,2012 inthe office of Vnesheconombank.

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20 Декабря 2012

SME Bank and BelVEB Bank Have Concluded a Cooperation Agreement on SME Support

SME Bank, BelVEB Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) and Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers Named after M.S.Kunyavskyi have signed a tripartite cooperation agreement on SME support. The document was signed on December,20 inMinskby Pavel Kallaur, BelVEB Bank’s CEO, Sergey Krjukov, CEO of SME Bank and Georgy Badey, Chairman of the Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers Named after M.S.Kunyavskyi.

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20 Декабря 2012

SME Bank Has Provided RUB 1 Billion to NOMOS Bank for SME Modernization and Development

SME Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) has provided a new loan to NOMOS Bank (Moscow) in the amount of RUB 1 billion under FIM Targeted credit product for SME development. The allocated resources will be channeled to enterprises implementing innovative, modernization-related and energy efficient projects. The borrowing cost for SMEs under the agreement will not exceed 12.5% p.a.

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19 Декабря 2012

SME Bank Acted as a Co-Organizer of “Business-Success - 2012” Conference

SME Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) acted as a co-organizer of the regional conference “Business-Success2012”held in St.Petersburg on December, 14. One of the goals of “Business-Success” is development of horizontal links between municipalities: sharing of experience and communication of best practices.

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17 Декабря 2012

SME Bank Will Take Part in Drafting the Road Map Improving Affordable Banking Services and Instruments of State Support for Entrepreneurs

The problem of affordability of financial resources for entrepreneurs was the main topic of the joint meeting of the Leaders’ Club - strategic partner of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) - and SME Bank on December13 inMoscow. The meeting was attended by Artem Avetisyan, Chairman of the Leaders’ Club, Sergey Krjukov, SME Bank’s CEO, Dmitry Golovanov, Member of the Board - First Deputy Chairman of SME Bank, over 30 members of the Leaders’ Club.

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12 Декабря 2012

SME Bank Proceeds with Regional SME Support

SME Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) and ROST Bank (Moscow) have concluded a number of loan agreements for a total amount of RUB 300 million. The financing is provided under Factoring-Bank, MFO-Bank and Refinancing of the Non-trade Sector credit products.

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11 Декабря 2012

SME Bank Has Provided a Loan of RUB 900 Million to the Factoring Company Life

SME Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) has provided a loan under new agreements to the Factoring Company Life. The financing in the amount of RUB 900 million is granted for 2 years under the Factoring-Company credit product.

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10 Декабря 2012

SME Bank Took Part in the Enlarged Meeting of the Board of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia

SME Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) took part in the enlarged meeting of the Board of the Association of regional Banks of Russia (Association “Russia”). The meeting was addressed by Anatoly Aksakov, President of Association “Russia”, Alexander Murychev, Executive Vice President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Mikhail Sukhov, Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia and Alexander Turbanov, General Director of the Deposit Insurance Agency.

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06 Декабря 2012

SME Bank Has Provided RUB 800 Million to Metallinvestbank for Factoring Operations

SME Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) and Metallinvestbank have signed a new loan agreement under Factoring-Bank credit product. A loan of RUB 800 million is provided for 1 year for financing under assignment of receivables for entrepreneurs involved in manufacturing, construction, trade and services.

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