Partner Banks Selection Procedure

  1. A partner bank should verify its compliance with the SME Lending Program terms of the selection of partners working as credit organizations.
  2. If the Bank complies with the selection terms, it fills a credit application in accordance with the selected credit product, including Partner Bank Questionnaire, and submits it to The OJSC SME Bank along with the necessary documents.
  3. The OJSC SME Bank analyses if the partner complies with the selection terms for the participation in the Program, assesses its financial performance and determines the volume of the crediting limit.
  4. The OJSC SME Bank notifies the partner bank about the possibility of the participation in the Program and provides information concerning the established limit for this bank.
  5. Once the partner bank accepts the offered terms, the OJSC SME Bank and the bank sign credit and security agreements.

Terms of Funds Allocation to SMEs

To participate in the SME State Financial Support Program banks should meet the selection requirements for potential partner banks.

The final decision about the participation of the bank in the SME State Financial Support Program is made by the OJSC SME Bank after the comprehensive assessment of the bank’s financial performance and reputation under the OJSC SME Bank internal documents. This evaluation is only conducted if the bank meets the requirements mentioned above.

The OJSC SME Bank has the right to deny the credit organization participation in the SME State Financial Support Program or suspend its participation in the Program if it detects financial or non-financial factors that according to the OJSC SME Bank can influence the credit organization financial stability or provide reputational risks for the State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank).

The support is goal-oriented, that is why the OJSC SME Bank shall conduct remote control of partner banks allocating credits to SMEs (based on reports and documents submitted by partner banks) and on site control.

List of required documents:

For the decision on the granting of credit to be made the partner bank is required to submit the following documents to the PJSC SME Bank:

  • a credit application with appendices according to the selected credit product as well as the Partner Bank Questionnaire.
  • the audit report for the last financial year;
  • the financial accounting reports of the credit organization compiled under Instruction of the Bank of Russia No. 2332-U: forms 0409101, 0409102, 0409134, 0409135 for each reporting date of the current and previous years as well as 0409115, 0409118, 0409125, 0409157, 0409501 and 0409603 for the two last reporting dates.

Financial accounting reports should be submitted in the following format:

I level

II level

III level

Annual archive ZIP/RAR,
the archive name in the format:

12 month folders, each folder name in the format: DDMMYY

Files – reporting forms, the name of each file contains the form number and date when the form was compiled.
Forms are submitted as of the date indicated in the II level folder name, file format: text (txt) or Excel (xls)



101_0112,102_0112,134_0112,135_0112, 115_0112, 118_0112, 125_0112, 157_0112, 501_0112, 603_0112


101_0212,134_0212,135_0212, 115_0212, 118_0212, 125_0212, 157_0212, 501_0212, 603_0212


101_0312,134_0312,135_0312, 115_0312, 118_0312, 125_0312, 157_0312, 501_0312, 603_0312


101_0412,102_0412,134_0412,135_0412, 115_0412, 118_0412, 125_0412, 157_0412, 501_0412, 603_0412


101_0512,134_0512,135_0512, 115_0512, 118_0512, 125_0512, 157_0512, 501_0512, 603_0512


101_0612,134_0612,135_0612, 115_0612, 118_0612, 125_0612, 157_0612, 501_0612, 603_0612


101_0712,102_0712,134_0712,135_0712, 115_0712, 118_0712, 125_0712, 157_0712, 501_0712, 603_0712


101_0812,134_0812,135_0812, 115_0812, 118_0812, 125_0812, 157_0812, 501_0812, 603_0812


101_0912,134_0912,135_0912, 115_0912, 118_0912, 125_0912, 157_0912, 501_0912, 603_0912


101_1012,102_1012,134_1012,135_1012, 115_1012, 118_1012, 125_1012, 157_1012, 501_1012, 603_1012


101_1112,134_1112,135_1112, 115_1112, 118_1112, 125_1112, 157_1112, 501_1112, 603_1112


101_1212,134_1212,135_1212, 115_1212, 118_1212, 125_1212, 157_1212, 501_1212, 603_1212

Documents shall be submitted in digital form to

The OJSC SME Bank can additionally request other documents and reporting forms necessary for crediting decision-making.

When the credit agreement is signed, the bank should open a correspondent account in the OJSC SME Bank (if it was not opened before), and provide documents conforming to the RF Government requirements for legal examination.

The following documents shall be submitted for the signing of the credit agreement:

  • powers of attorney for the persons authorized by the bank to sign the application to obtain a credit (this condition does not cover persons who already have such powers according to the Bank’s Charter or who make this agreement);
  • bank’s written consent (or refusal) to submit to the OJSC SME Bank information for starting its credit history in the credit history bureau in compliance with the Russian Federation legislation (in case of consent);
  • written permit for the OJSC SME Bank to obtain the main part of the bank’s credit history at the credit history bureau in compliance with the Russian Federation legislation (in case of consent).

During the credit period the following reporting forms shall be submitted to assess the financial performance:

1. Monthly/quarterly:

  • accounting trial balance of the credit organization (0409101);
  • calculation of equity (capital) (0409134);
  • information about statutory requirements and other performance indicators of the credit organization (0409135);
  • profit and loss report of the credit organization (0409102);

These forms should be submitted by credit organizations with the following rating levels: Moody’s, S&P, FitchB1/B+ and lower, RusRating ВВ+ and lower, Russia’s National Rating Agency А+ and lower, Expert RA, АK&М А and lower: forms 0409115, 0409116,0409117,0409118,0409125, 0409128, 0409129, 0409157, 0409202, 0409302, 0409501, 0409603, 0409711

2. Annually

  • Annual reports prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Balance sheet and profit and loss report alongside a report prepared by an audit organization or an auditor on the veracity of the former certified by the credit organization.
  • Information about the assets quality of the credit organization (0409115);
  • Information about securities acquired by the credit organization (0409116);
  • Information about large loans (0409117);
  • Information about the credit risk concentration (0409118);
  • Information about assets and liabilities with respect to claim and repayment terms (0409125);
  • Information about weighted average interest rates for the funds provided by the credit organization (0409128);
  • Information about weighted average interest rates for the funds raised by the credit organization (0409129);
  • Information about large lenders (depositors) of the credit organization (0409157);
  • Report on the cash turnover (0409202);
  • Information about invested and raised funds (0409302);
  • Information about interbank credits and deposits (0409501);
  • Information about correspondent accounts and available balance thereon (0409603);
  • Report on securities (0409711).

Additionally on THE OJSC SME BANK’s special request the following documents shall be submitted:

  • Forms of annually submitted documents (but for other reporting dates);
  • List of affiliates (0409051);
  • List of affiliates of the group of persons who own the credit organization (0409052);

The list of documents may be supplemented or amended.

If you have any questions regarding SME support through banks, you can contact The OJSC SME Bank experts:

Sergei S. Voevodin
Deputy Director
SME Funding Department
Telephone: +7 (495) 783-7998, ext. 04-02

Olga Yu. Makaeva
Deputy Director
SME Funding Department
Telephone: +7 (495) 783-7998, ext. 04-04

Sergei V. Pronin
Deputy Director
SME Funding Department
Telephone: +7 (495) 783-7998, ext. 04-05

Elena V. Zhiltsova
Deputy Director
SME Funding Department
Telephone. + 7 (495) 783-7998, ext. 04-03

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