SME Requirements

An enterprise is recognized as an SME provided it meets the following conditions:

Compliance with the requirements of Federal Law On the Development of Small and Medium Businesses in the Russian Federation dated July 24, 2007, № 209-FZ:

  • Average number of employees:
    • micro businesses — under 15;
    • small businesses — under 100;
    • medium businesses — under 250.
  • previous year sales revenue exclusive of VAT:
    • micro businesses — under 60 mln. RUB;
    • small businesses — under 400 mln. RUB;
    • medium businesses — under 1 bln. RUB.

For legal entities additionally:

  • the total share of the RF, RF subjects, non-residents, municipal entities, non-profit and religious organizations, charity funds, as well as one or several large enterprises in the authorized capital must not exceed 25%.

The following SME types are not eligible for funding:

  • credit and insurance institutions, including non-banking credit institutions, investment funds, non-state pension fund, securities traders, pawnbrokers;
  • parties to production sharing agreements;
  • gambling organizations;
  • enterprises manufacturing and selling excisable goods, natural resources (with the exception of common commercial minerals)
  • non-residents of the RF.


If your enterprise wishes to obtain lending under the Program, you need to:

  • verify whether you are an SME;
  • determine the type of product you require: microloan, fixed assets leasing or factoring; and apply to the respective participant of the Program:
  • if you wish to obtain credit from a bank, you need to apply to one of the partner banks that has been allocated an SME lending quota for your region;
  • if you with to obtain a micro loan, equipment leasing or factoring you need to apply to the respective infrastructure entity.
  • The partner bank or infrastructure entity will check your enterprise against the Program’s requirements, and the partner bank’s selection criteria, and provided there is available funding, out of resources allocated by the OJSC SME Bank, will provide the necessary financing/ service for your business.
  • Please, familiarize yourself with SME lending terms via via banks or infrastructure entities.
  • Please, address questions on the SME Lending Program to the OJSC SME Bank at the following e-mail address:
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