Leasing Companies

The OJSC SME Bank provides funding for leasing companies through the following credit products: FIM Leasing – Goal-Oriented, Leasing – SME Progress, Leasing – SME Regional Potential, Leasing – SME Start, SME Leasing – Production.

With respect to these products leasing companies can obtain funding for the acquisition of leasing objects to be further used for financial leasing to SMEs. The leasing objects, discounted at 40% of their delivery contract value, serve as collateral. The leasing objects shall be insured at a reliable company with the current rating not lower than:

  • В according to Expert RA’s insurer reliability rating;
  • ВВВ- according to RBC’s insurer reliability remote rating;
  • ruA at the national scale according to Standard & Poor’s insurer rating;
  • BBB(rus) at the national scale according to Fitch’s insurer financial strength rating;
  • В according to insurer reliability rating of the National Rating Agency RusRating or the National Rating Agency (NRA);

Participation in leasing objects acquisition (funds of the SME (lessee) and/or the leasing company) – not less than 30% (not less than 20% for the SME Leasing – to Production credit product) of the delivery contract value (purchase contract).

To participate in the acquisition of leasing of objects for the Leasing – SME Start product, it is also possible to use funds the SME obtained through federal programs or RF Constituents programs aimed at supporting beginner entrepreneurs (if the mentioned programs envisage this possibility).

Please address any questions regarding SME support through leasing companies to the experts of the OJSC SME Bank:

Ilya A. Kozlov
Managing Director
SME Financing Departament
Telephone: +7 (495) 783-7998, ext. 04-21

Sergei V. Pronin
Deputy Director
SME Financing Departament
Telephone: +7 (495) 783-7998, ext. 04-05

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